Hoping to share the love, joy, and grace I have received in my own life.

On to My Next Goal

on February 7, 2018

When I started seminary I knew that my life was going in a different direction than I ever would have imagined. What I didn’t anticipate was how this new path in my journey would transform every aspect of my life. God is helping me to get healthier in mind, body, and spirit. I cannot emphasize enough how joyful I feel. For over a month last fall I knew that God was telling me that I needed to take better care of my body so that I can better care for others.  I just felt that I would never be able to do it.  The week before Thanksgiving I knew that if I didn’t start right then I would have more work to do after the holidays.  I saw an inspirational video from a woman I didn’t know, Kim.  Kim had lost more than 80 pounds in a year.  Her weight story sounded a whole lot like mine.  I met Kim that week, started out in cardio drumming classes and started maintaining a healthy diet with the help of Herbalife.  I made a goal to lose 20 pounds by my birthday, which was only two months away.  Yes, it was a big goal, but I have a BIG God that is working through me every single day.  My birthday arrived.  I stepped on the scale.  I had lost just over 18 pounds.  I was feeling a little defeated.  Kim reminded me of where I started. In those two months I also celebrated Thanksgiving, Amy’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Years, the end of my first semester at seminary, a week of seminary intensive, and my birthday.  In those two months I also had to pass the darkest day of my life, the day of Trevor’s death, 6 years ago.  I realized how amazing it was that I had lost 18 pounds in that two months.  Last night I hit my goal.  In fact, I passed it.  Exactly two weeks past my birthday I am down 21 pounds.  My next goal is to hit the 50 pound mark.  I hope to do that by June 1st.  I feel so wonderful already I cannot imagine what another 30 pounds will do.  I have noticed some interesting changes in this first 20 pounds.

  • I have shoes that are too big.  I think this is mostly due to the inflammation that has been eliminated from my feet, with the help of a large increase in water intake.
  • My glasses are falling off my face.  I have tightened them as much as possible, but my face is thinner and especially during my drumming workouts, I am constantly pushing my glasses up.  They even fall off.
  • My clothes are baggy.  I haven’t bought anything new.  I am sure I am down at least one size, but why buy now?  I still have a long way to go.  Since we are experiencing the cold of winter anyway, I add an extra shirt that I can tuck into my pants to help them stay up.
  • I don’t need to catch my breath after climbing stairs.  I don’t get out of bed dragging and feeling groggy like I used to.  I have energy that I don’t even remember ever feeling in my life.
  • The biggest change is in my emotional self.  I am a fairly positive person most of the time and try to keep a bubbly disposition, which comes from my relationship with Jesus.  The changes that have come from regular exercise, healthy eating, encouragement from my coach, and God’s work in my life have brought me such indescribable joy that it is hard to contain.

I am at the point where I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life and that feels like such a gift.  I still have a long way to go, but I have never felt stronger about the path I am on and how God turns pain into joy.  Believe me, I know that it is not all rainbows and unicorns.  I’ve been in the deepest pit of grief and despair.  I think that is why I am able to say with bold confidence that God has picked me up, dusted me off and put me on solid ground.  I love this life and cannot imagine where I will be a year from now and that is exciting!


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