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2017, Here I Come!

on January 2, 2017

As another year begins I am pondering the passing of time.  Year after year seems to pass quicker the older I get.  As a young child, time was not all that important to me.  My parents were there to be sure I got to school on time, to appointments on time, etc.  As I grew older into my teenage years, I still was not chained to a tight schedule.  Yes, I had to be at a job or in class at a certain time, but I seemed to have so much time available to do all the things I wanted to do.  After becoming an adult, getting married, working a full-time job, and having children it seemed we were always busy.  At one point in time, I was teaching Confirmation, co-leading a 4-H group, working full-time, heavily involved in a community theater group and my church, and running three kids to whatever activities they were participating in.  I still felt like I had a lot of time.

After Trevor’s death, I immediately began cutting things out of my life that took time that I felt I could be doing something more meaningful with.  This has been such an evolution in my life.  Yet, as I sit here this morning thinking of this new year, I see that of all the free time I had  in 2016, much of it was spent on my cell phone.  After work each night, I would cook dinner for our family, clean the kitchen, maybe throw in a load of laundry and then most often, I would sit in our living room with my phone in hand.  I might be playing Angry Birds, looking for hidden objects, doing a crossword, strengthening my brain, or viewing various social media sites.  Yes, I would have conversations with my husband and daughter, but I was attached to that phone.  I wasn’t the only one.  My husband sat attached to his tablet and my daughter was either on an iPad or her phone most of the time, as well.

I am not much on new year’s resolutions.  Perhaps that’s because, like many people, I start off gangbusters and about the second week of February old habits begin to start slipping back in.  I am not good at resolutions.  This year, though, I am focusing on another way to look at it.  What if I just decided that this year I just want to be a better version of myself than I was in 2016?  What if I just make improvements in my life that lead me to be happier and healthier because that is really what I want.  Isn’t it what we all want?  Don’t get me wrong, I am a happy person.  In fact, often I have people ask me how I can be cheery so much of the time.  The smile on my face, the joy in my heart, and my love of life comes from my relationship with Jesus.

So for 2017 I am going to be a better steward of my time.  I started today by removing all the games and most importantly, Facebook, from my phone.  I enjoy Facebook.  It helps me keep in contact with my so many out of state family members and friends.  I just get so worn by all of the negative sides of Facebook…people sharing mugshots, posting accidents or deaths before a family can be notified, and mostly people tearing other people down.  These things are not the things that I want to focus on in my life.  I want to help people, not hurt them.  I am keeping my Facebook for all the joy I receive from seeing pictures of my cousins’ kids and all of the fun things that my friends and family are doing.  I will be able to view Facebook on my laptop or iPad, but no longer will it be so easily accessible as my phone.  My cell phone will still be used for e-mail, texts, of course phone calls, and an occasional inspirational Instagram post.  I don’t want to have my phone attached to me like a lifeline to the world.

My family has big plans for 2017.  Jeff and I are going to join a Financial Peace University class in February to help get a better grip on our finances.  Our evenings will be spent with more games, puzzles, movies, talking with family and friends, and cleaning out the clutter in our lives.  We’ve already begun purging closets, cupboards, and drawers…lightening our load.  Eliminating clutter from our home is so freeing. We are going to do Bible studies as a family and I am so excited to see the growth that comes from that! All of these things are leading us, as a family, to become our best version of ourselves, to let go of stress, and to embrace this life we have been given.

Not so long ago, I thought my life was over.  Nothing made sense.  My heart was broken and there were many times I felt as if my heart would just stop beating.  Yet, here I am, five years later with a truer heart, a love for life, and a thankfulness for all of the blessings that I have.  I want everyone to have this!  I want all of my family to have the peace, love, and this mercy that I have found.  For 2017, I am going to try to be the best version of myself.  I know there will be tears, anger, hurt, and sadness because…well, those things are a part of life on earth.  I just know when those things happen where to put my trust and who can help me work through whatever life throws at me.  May 2017 be a year where we all can love more, smile more, and live more!  Happy New Year!



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  1. lpcox60 says:

    We Love You Sweetheart!!

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