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A Lesson From the Chickens

on June 22, 2015

This morning after Jeff left for work, I went out on our deck out back. Immediately I was drawn to the beautiful sound of birds singing. Although I enjoy the beauty of the birds (thank you, Grandma!) I can’t identify too many varieties and I know very few calls. This morning, as I listened closely, I may have heard 4 or 5 different birds singing. I immediately wondered if their volume was brought on by the storm headed our way today. I said a small prayer of gratitude for the birds and just as I said “Amen.”, an ear piercing squawking began.

It wasn’t the birds that were singing so beautifully that made this horrible sound. No, this not-at-all-musical screeching was coming from our chicken coop. I decided I better go check it out. As I was approaching the coop, I realized that it was the chicken my husband refers to as “the boss hen” that was causing all the ruckus. I wondered what she was yelling about? Had one of the other hens ruffled her feathers? Was she laying out the rules for the day? In my last 10 steps toward the coop, and just after my realization that it was the boss hen making this noise, the horrible squawking stopped.

As I got to the fence, there was silence. All 5 of the hens were eating together and seemed to be friendly with each other. I wonder if this is a lesson I needed to learn from the chickens. The boss hen reminds me of people I come into contact with. Do you know a person who always seems as if the are squawking at you, rather than singing a beautiful song? I think many of us have a person (or people) in our lives that seem as if they come at us in an accusatory manner. Some may not intend to come across as if they are trying to be the boss, but they lack tact and could use a lesson regarding communication and relationships.

I was impressed by the other chickens’ abilities to listen to whatever the boss was saying and then move on, as if they were all great friends or family. The argument, or whatever it was, was over as quickly as it had begun. Is this because the chickens lack the “skill” of holding a grudge? Perhaps. Maybe it’s just that chickens are really great at forgiveness.

Edwin Stuart, Governor of Pennsylvania in the early 1900’s, is quoted as saying, “Remember, every time you open your mouth to talk, your mind walks out and parades up and down the words.” I want the words and tone that I use to display a beautiful mind, not one of bossiness, anger, or especially hatred. The words we use and the tone with which we use them are important. Perhaps before we let the parade of language out, we need to line up the words, in an orderly fashion, from our minds to the tips of our tongues.

I am sure my experience with the chickens this morning was supposed to teach me a lesson. I need to be more aware of how I come across to others. I would much rather share the sound of a melodic songbird than the squawk of an angry hen.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. Psalm 133:1


5 responses to “A Lesson From the Chickens

  1. Sue Paulin says:

    Beautifully spoken…thanks for your insight!

  2. I tend to be a squawkwer need to work on this ❤

  3. Trish says:

    Great reminder!

  4. hoxrox says:

    I have always thought myself a chicken- but, maybe I didn’t realize what type-boss or follower…although a squawker, i agree, is not an admirable thing and I realize that I need to be much less of one and have been working on it, but, I also do not want to be one of the blind masses bowing down and following the leaders ideas….hhhhmmmmm-the challenge to getting along, I believe lies somewhere in the middle….maybe the rooster who goes about his job as intended and every once in a while takes time to “crow”(sing out with joy) his accomplishments?hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm-once again, my Dear Dana, you’ve given me something to ponder with you beautiful words!

  5. Jeff Cox says:

    love it put a smile on my face

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